COVEXIT 11+15 ?

Even after over a month of confinement France still encountered hospitals’ overflow, leaving to wonder how the epidemic could still be so active ?

After nearly 2 months of a very strict confinement, France is actively preparing for May 11’s deconfinement, with part of the population ready to follow voluntary partial confinement in fear of the risk of reconfinement, when another part seems ready to jump in each others arms. Japanese population quite well followed the last two weeks confinement demand of the government, although not mandatory but certainly made easier by the golden week holidays.

Prime Minister Abe extended the nationwide state of emergency until the end of May, but from May 11 Japan is going back to a “non holiday time” and it might be difficult to stay at home in a very traditional cultural and professional environment. Incubation period is said to last up to 15 days so May 11 +15 = May 26 should be a pivotal date to evaluate the first results for both countries, even if “covexit” is a subjective matter.

Let us hope for the best … and each of us act to get it real.

THE JAPAN EXCEPTION ? (10/05/2020)