An apology of WPO (Wisely Planned Obsolescence)

The Japanese seal custom is in the front line lately as many voices came up to abolish this custom. Are we to just eliminate our cultural and social ways on the altar of distancing and digitalizing ?

We are to find new ways integrating acceptance of imperfection as a human need, sometime prevailing these choices to a 100% efficiency, that very difference being what shall keep us connected to each other and to the tasks we are performing. So, Yes, Japanese prove a strong resilience capacity to maintain old fashion methods, this being a pensum we all know too well. And then, a wise planned obsolescence is to embrace all factors to fulfill it’s ambition of integrated evolution.

Creative thinking is the way to open the sustainable potentials of technology tools. We should not rush in erasing things that will be gone forever at the risk to found ourselves lacking of stories, stories that are the base of our human and social cohesion.

The correct formulation of “abolish seal” shouldn’t it be “what can digital processes gain in including seal custom”, and do not let anybody, pros or cons, tell you “it can’t be done” … seal being the visible part of the iceberg. 

THE JAPAN EXCEPTION ? (04/05/2020) 

Japan exception


Japan exception


COVEXIT 11+15 ?