The cultural ways of CLUSTER APPROACH

To succeed, the authorities need to track the clusters. They choose to do so through a data collection made by public servants through person to person interviews… a so very Japanese old fashion way. Certainly some of them were not wishing to be found going to a hostess bar, but most did not want to put in any trouble their colleagues, clients, shop owners etc that would be forced to close or restrain if identified as at-risk, and so didn’t answer the voluntary based interview. This “cultural restrain” is making this “cluster strategy” quite hard to manage, but might finally open options to more digital methods in order not to cause a “cluster tragedy”. So far, Japan shows a good rate of restrain in the cities center and trains but does not rate very well in the residential areas, the doughnut effect. Although without legal obligation, nore assurance of success or yet economical retribution, touristic destinations are holding “Do not come” campaigns. Let us hope for the best.

THE JAPAN EXCEPTION ? (02/05/2020)