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GO TO or not GO TO, is that the question ?

As frontiers remain closed, GO TO campaign is to enhance summer vacation, Japanese government aiming to protect tourism industry, more in public opinion and as an Olympic political view than an economic priority(1,8% of GNP).

After several turnovers, Tokyo citizens were not allowed to apply to this financial aid and were “recommended” not to leave Tokyo, putting each and one self toward a personal dilemma. A majority of Japanese postponed their trips, many didn’t visit elderly parents in what could be one of their few remaining summer.

Still, sanitary’s disrespectful behaviors are making headlines, showing the limits of obedience when national and local governments have dissenting messages. Soon, rural areas depending more than others on tourism economy but lacking of medical infrastructures, showed the impossible arrangement between economic and sanitary reasons. By mid-August several Japanese local governments are ”closing the frontiers”, asking the population from other regions not to come.

The forgotten question seems, how to reboot an economical activity in these areas without depending on tourism as it is now ? How to create new business models for rural areas in a ”new normal” environment ?



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